Hospitality Business Ready for 2017? Reflect with a Free IT Audit

With the busiest period of the hospitality calendar now over, January should offer you a well-deserved rest! But with the new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start and it is important to use this time wisely. That’s why now is the perfect time to reflect on what worked in the year prior, and what didn’t. Whether that be by examining why your internet connection slowed in peak times, or investigating those extra calls you may have lost - A Free IT Audit can help you reflect and address any queries or concerns you may have, to make sure 2017 gets off to a flying start.


At Speedster, a leading IT support provider to the hospitality sector, we have noticed that it is usually the busiest and most active months of the year that highlight the strains within an organisations IT infrastructure. As it can be difficult to get the help needed at short notice within hectic periods, it is vital to remember to address these issues with an IT Audit in the quieter months so that they won’t happen next time around!


That’s why, for the entirety of January, we are providing a comprehensive IT hospitality audit – absolutely free of charge. Speedster’s IT Audit works to an 8-point checklist so that all areas of your IT infrastructure are attended to and are at the top of their game.

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These 8 points are what we see as the IT fundamentals to your business:



Have you experienced any unwanted viruses in the last year? Are you protected from hackers or other hazardous software? To safe guard your infrastructure, we will begin with routers, switches and any servers, to protect you and your customers from malicious and fraudulent activity. During the IT audit, we will also assess the location of your communication base to ensure its security and prevent break-ins.



What internet speeds were you experiencing at peak times? Have you considered what the effect would be to your business if you lost internet services? We will use the IT audit to investigate single points of failure and ensure instantaneous automation of a backup line. We could even discuss the potential need for 4G as an added protection if BT falters. That way, with these steps in place, you won’t be left without a connection should any issues arise.



How important was e-mail within your business last year, and what are you using to facilitate it? Within our free audit, we will inspect the structure of important mail boxes, such as reservation or bookings, to make your platform more accessible, user-friendly and quicker to use. We can also explore your ability to share calendars and easily invite people into meetings with confidence, helping ensure your time is productive in 2017.



How quickly could an IT issue be identified and resolved? We often encounter home devices or cheap alternatives that make quick support very difficult. We would look to transition these to more intelligent business grade equipment with remote visibility and pro-active alerting capability. This way, with the right equipment, we can often help with early warnings signs of issues, often before you know it, preventing downtime and ultimately avoiding loss of service and income within the coming year, even after we've completed the IT Audit.


Phone System

Did you struggle managing calls in peak periods? What applications are you using to guarantee they are not lost? During the IT Audit we will interview your management and users to hear any complications they have experienced in 2016 and define areas for improvement. By also exploring existing on site technology, and making the right recommendations, we can ensure calls and bookings are not missed during busy periods. However, in extremely busy periods when calls are unfortunately missed, we can give you reports on these missed calls so that you can call them back at your ease.


Wireless Services

How is the wireless network coverage across your venue? Has it been configured correctly so that wireless reaches all areas required? Speedster have the capability to run tests across your whole site to look for blind spots. Within the IT Audit, we would also classify accessibility and identify any bottlenecks or unnecessary drains on speed.


In addition, we would look at how secure your wireless networks are. Ideally you would have EPOS, with Staff and Guests all on separate networks, allowing guests to be capped on data limits and or time. We would also help clients with compliance for PDQ certification when using wireless services, to help reduce the associated stress and potential disruption to your service should any compliance fail.



How safe and protected is the cabling within your venue? Have you had any unnecessary accidents in the last year? We will quickly identify any re-patching requirements and recommend that all cables are labelled for fast identification and issue resolution. This way, we can ensure that your equipment is protected and that the environment is safe for your employees, also avoiding any breaks in the supply of IT services should any cables be accidentally damaged or interfered with.


Business Critical Applications

Are you using unnecessary and expensive applications? Even then, are you sure they are the most efficient software with the appropriate licensing? With the emergence of Cloud Technologies, and the lack of understanding on what is commercially good value across the hospitality sector, we have noticed a big increase in the number of our new clients who have been sold inefficient cloud services that are not delivering the value they desire on over inflated pricing – especially cloud storage options. Within this audit, we will recommend the correct solutions and productivity tools, like Microsoft Office 365, to save you money and increase cross-company collaboration.


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