Windows 8, What do we think ?

Windows 8 what do we think?

After installing the new o/s on my company laptop this weekend, the following thoughts have come to mind;


  1. Very simple upgrade without even burning the media to disk or USB.
  2. Nice quick start up times
  3. Install time was rapid on SSD and icore3, 25 mins max.
  4. IE 10 is a lot better than version 9, we will keep testing before customers are told to upgrade.
  5. WIFI speeds seem to have improved.


  1. Please put the start menu back, otherwise you can always BUY, yes that’s correct buy this to get your start menu back.
  2. Drivers… still need some work Sony Vaios with 3g please see this link !
  3. windows 8 menu is still a bit of pain, but i think i need to get used to it.

From this weekends testing, i think the new OS seems good and worth a go if you have a new machine..... bring on the 26 October when this comes out to public!






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