Virgin media read this before you sign up !

Another ISP who does not seem to care.

Being an IT worker and understanding the need for a good broadband connection this was something I factored in when choosing the property I have just purchased.

I found all the major ISP’s in my area though BT Infinity is not yet available. However Virgin Media are in the area so I was keen to get onto their fibre network. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see the install wait time was only 3 days and that I could be up and running quickly. I use VOIP at home and VPN back to the office for working remotely so I was keen to see how much of an improvement this would be over standard ADSL.

The line was installed and I was connected as they promised. After a couple of initial tests I was getting the 30mb promised, however 35minutes after the engineer left I found my ping time to Google to be over 200ms and sometimes even 500ms! I initially thought this was an issue with the line being new but this continued for days after the install. Virgin support agreed to send an engineer to look at the problem who said I was hooked up to my neighbours connection rather than my own which he said was broken. This of course disturbed me as to why they did this and CAN they do this? It seems yes they can, the engineer then told me he will be back to fix my cable and reconnect me directly to the roadside cabinet.

Another week passed with unusable internet and sure enough I had to chase them for updates. After speaking to 5 people I eventually got told another engineer will come out and reconnect my cable. I waited at home all day for the engineer to show and guess what - he did not. This seems par for the course with utility companies and their customer service after reading online what people have been saying about their experiences!

So after a very insistent phone call they promised me an engineer 2 days later rather than see me cancel the service. I waited for the next engineer! He did arrive on time - he was a technical engineer rather than an installer and sure enough could see my issues… he then managed to find my cable and connect us. After this my connection seemed great - ping was around 30ms to Google and downloads showing 31/32mb which was great.

Then it started again SLOW ping times and the connection dropping now even worse. After speaking again to Virgin and getting someone NOT in India he then began to tell me someone in my area was torrenting and causing floods of traffic!!! This baffles me, I am IT consultant who knows anyone who runs networks can easily ban or stop services if they are affecting other users or clients… why DON’T VIRGIN DO THE SAME?

After many more phone calls and fighting I gave up and cancelled the contract. I now have a happy 20mb ADSL line from BT which Is running perfectly fine without any grief!

So here is a little heads up when ordering Virgin, make sure you check your connection as soon as you get it… if it slows down in afternoons or evenings you probably have the same problem as I had!


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