Top IT Support reasons London Financial Services Industry should adopt Office 365 and a Private Cloud strategy

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Speedster IT has recently seen encouraging evidence of more financial institutions planning ahead and implementing private cloud strategies.

However, still so many London financial businesses are ‘cautious of the cloud’ with over 50% of London financial businesses still to adopt cloud strategies due to security and control remaining the primary concerns.

The benefits for London financial enterprises moving to the cloud are very clear: greater business agility, data availability, collaboration, and cost savings. With a majority of businesses, our findings were that all with plans in place sway towards the use of the private cloud, with a mix of in-house/outsourced IT Support. Therefore avoiding applications or systems being in a public cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 adoptions for more encryption

Speedster have previously reported on Microsoft Office 365 adoptions for more encryption and tighter access restrictions in line with Office 365. The most considerable changes to Office 365 will be the way in which email data is stored and encrypted & the much awaited feature ‘Customer Lock Box’, due at the end of 2015, giving the business owner better control & visibility into the security of their applications and the option to encrypt business critical data and email, making it more difficult for law enforcement agencies and alike secretly requesting access to confidential business information & email.

Financial Services Industry IT Support

The main reasons we envisage why a majority of London financial institutions have not adopted the use of the cloud are: data confidentiality, loss of control of data, data breach, compliance and legal issues, data loss and dealing with multiple providers. Those concerns have been very much addressed and are no longer an object of burden, however you may not have the in-house expertise required to strategize, deploy & maintain your cloud infrastructure, With multiple clouds you have different applications, with different latencies, and requirements, the more cloud your business uses, the more expertise your business needs, using a single committed cloud partner like Speedster-IT is a secure guaranteed way for your business to adopt cloud growth.

Cloud computing is driving today’s IT market and Microsoft’s Office 365 business security tools and advancements have made cloud security more of a distant concern of the past for London financial industries.

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