The Importance of Switching from Windows Server 2003

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Since support for Windows server 2003 is ending soon, its important to find a solution that is cost effective. Windows server migration is often frustrating, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to make sure your servers have support.

Here are a few ideas

Windows Server 2008
Windows server 2008 has useful features that help bring down the cost of running your network. For example, you have the network access protection and the PowerShell, as well as the Server core feature. Additionally, Windows Server 2008 has extensive features in its file-sharing protocol.
The downside of going with the 2008 version is that some of the new systems aren't compatible with old Windows desktop operating systems. Additionally, in order to make the Server Core option work, you really need to have extensive training.

The 2008 version also has the trouble where performing upgrades requires you to be extremely careful because of how delicate the whole process can be.

Windows Server 2012
One great thing about the 2012 version is that installing the operating system is lightning fast. It will take no time at all and you will get up and running. Some people report being able to install it in less than a quarter of an hour.

It also doesn't take long in terms of boot time either. The Server Manager part of the console is intuitive and easy to navigate which is another serious bonus. The Windows Server 2012 comes right with Internet Explorer 10, which is also useful since it makes you don't have to do a lot of upgrading on your own, and it also means that everything just runs in a more reliable manner.

The system does have some downsides though. For example, the interface can take longer to get around than some previous incarnation. It takes more clicking to go where you want including getting to the Power screen, for example. The system also lacks an easy Start menu type option to get to main menus. This is just like it is with Windows 8. Its more difficult to get the screen to activate with the cursor since you have to hover it over precisely where you want in order to get it to appear.
Windows Server 2012 also has the trouble of making it more difficult to minimize things with the minimize button since this button is smaller.

Each system has its good and bad points, which is why its important you let professionals like us help guide you through. We have the best IT support, London based operation around.

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