5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an IT Support Partner

If you are a small to medium sized business and you are considering a new IT Support company, you know this can be a very difficult decision. How can you judge their technical capability when you are not an IT expert yourself? It is vital you make the right decision, as any IT Support provider should become a virtual team within your business.

In addition, any IT downtime can have a seriously negative impact on your company’s performance. As an IT Support based in central London, we are perfectly placed to provide you with some challenging questions to ask would-be IT Support providers.

  1. What are your typical client retention rates and can you give me a reference that I may speak to? - Client retention and satisfaction rates are an excellent indicator of an IT support company’s ability and performance. For example at Speedster, we are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for over ten years. Do make sure that you contact references and do not rely solely on testimonials provided.
  2. Check out their technology partner accreditations – It is also important to ensure they have partnerships with reputable technology providers, for example Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. It is also worth asking if they have accreditations, Microsoft for instance runs a partnership accreditation scheme where partners must pass exams and meet other criteria to be awarded Gold or Silver partner status. Remember any IT Support company can claim to be partnered with major technology providers – if in any doubt ask them to prove it.
  3.  IT Support desk credentials – it is also important to check out that the IT support desk is directly employed and based in the UK. Also important to check the operating hours you need 24/7 cover or 8am to 6pm. If you do need out of hours assistance - would it be remote or onsite?
  4. Will we get a dedicated Account Manager?- one often overlooked element is the benefit of a dedicated account manager. It is important for you to have someone as both a point of contact who thoroughly understands your business and meets frequently to discuss service and support performance so they can focus on excellent service delivery and ensuring your expectations are met.
  5. Do they understand your business and your IT infrastructure – It is really important that prospective IT Support providers understand your business because they can make IT a growth enabler for you as well as being reactive to any IT problems you have. At Speedster, we take a pro-active approach to IT Support and we provide a free IT audit to all our new customers making sure our clients’ IT systems are healthy and are set up as cost effectively as possible.

Hopefully, if you run through these questions with your shortlisted IT providers and find one you like it will be the start of a long term professional relationship. Our final comment is make sure you like them because they are a virtual part of your team!

If you are looking for an IT support provider and need some advice, please do contact us for an informal conversation, we would be happy to help. You can either e-mail sales@speedster-it.com or call 0203 011 1234.

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