Outsourced IT Support London – 6 Must Haves & Key considerations

There is an increasing demand across London for Outsourced IT Support. One big reason for this increase is the number of small and medium size businesses needing rapid IT resolution to ensure the business can get what it wants when it needs it without the expensive costs of employing people to do this in-house. One of the problems that we are noticing is that for anyone unfamiliar with Outsourcing IT Support they may end up on a very one sided and expensive agreement. This blog is to help you avoid any traps and provide appropriate questions should you be considering Outsourced IT Support.

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The six areas to ensure you have a fair agreement, that any costs agreed remain within your budget and that the support provided is as fast and efficient as it can be:

1). Unlimited calls

Far too many IT Support companies provide a contract that provides IT Support for a limited number of calls. This is not only a nightmare to manage as you just want support when you need it, but it can also lead to expensive charges that are unexpected. Make sure you are aware of any restrictions on IT Helpdesk access and all additional charges are clearly communicated. At Speedster we only provide unlimited IT Support this is critical for a cost effective and fully integrated IT Support team that will feel like your own IT Department.

2). Pro-active Monitoring

It is critical that when issues do arise (and they will) that your IT Support provider has the resources and the technology to provide an Early warning system on your critical IT services. This is a core part of the Speedster offering where we often know before the customer when issues arise and gives us the ability to diagnose and resolve. If any loss of core IT services for any length of time would damage your business then an IT Support company with Pro-active monitoring capability is a must

3). Remote hands

Aligned with Pro-active monitoring, these are the perfect support tools that provide fast and efficient issue resolution. As the name suggests the technology Speedster has invested in allows us to remote in to users devices, to servers, to switches, to routers and adjust, re-configure, re-boot and fix issues very quickly. The ability to get alerts of issues (early warning system) and quickly jump on the network and devices and resolve issues without delay is essential for any company that wants the fastest possible IT Support provision. At Speedster we have developed our own platform that holds images and information of clients hardware and set up so technicians have all they need at a touch of a button.

4). Resources available

1st – 2nd – 3rd Line engineers with a clear escalation procedure. Make sure they have in house expertise at all levels, far too many it Support providers don’t have the appropriate levels of expertise, so complicated and difficult issues become long and drawn out as they either a). Ignore issues they can’t handle b). Try to suggest these are chargeable items and then outsource to someone who can resolve c). Spend an eternity researching and bombarding IT Community with requests for help. All of these options cause stressful and costly delays. Therefore insist on dealing with a company with plenty of people in the different levels of experience and knowledge such as Speedster clients enjoy.

5). Managed backups

Critical to every IT Support company and the client they provide services for are the policies that secure the business critical information, ensuring that whatever the eventuality, fire, water damage, theft that the business can get back up and running quickly without delay and that the crucial information that you take for granted that business would struggle without is available.

6). Central London Base

It is always beneficial to be working with a company whose IT Support is based in Central London. Far too many are on the outskirts of London and when required to visit site they see it as a major inconvenience to travel into London. Therefore it is important that when needed someone can be quickly in to support, educate, install as and when you require. The vast majority of our customers also procure their hardware and software requirements from a trusted source and being local is a great way to avoid expensive delivery charges and delays on install. So, insist on a company that are truly based in Central London (not a PO Box).

At Speedster, we consider that all of the above are integrated into providing the perfect partner for Outsourced IT Support London and that if you would like to know more about how Speedster tick all of the above boxes either give us a call on 0203 011 1234 or e-mail on sales@speedster-it.com

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