Microsoft Office 365 just got even better – Supporting larger email sending capabilities – up to 150MB per message

If your business is reliant upon external resources, to send larger email attachments, outside of a secure cloud business network environment, then now’s the time to change.

The benefits of collaborating your business to the Microsoft Office 365 business environments are endless, increased functionality, flexibility and huge savings on operational expenses – that simply can’t be ignored.

Microsoft Office 365 has previously been limited to 25 MB max sending capabilities per email, like most email clients. Rolled out and now changed to increased substantial limits of up to 150MB per message to include attachments.

This is a positive step in the right direction for larger file sharing attachment capabilities with office peers in a controlled cloud business environment, giving office 365 IT administrators & business owners the freedom to audit, define & set sending capabilities.

Technical Details

Whilst sending messages up to the 150MB max might sound perfect for a lot of business users, it does come with some draw backs but the pros do outweigh the cons in this case…

Pros… Cons…
*You (Office 365 user) configured to send and receive 150MB *Colleague -  Office 365 send & receive limit 25MB (ask in advance if above the 25MB limit)
*Safe, secure, monitored, internal cloud business environment – giving you peace of mind *External email clients limited to file size receiving of usually around 25MB per email
*Ability to encrypt emails to any email client – ideal for banking insurance, legal business environments (free to E3 & E4 subscribers) *Message Routing to external email clients, causing file sizes to increase
*Quick deployment & management of internal send limits  
*Larger internal file sharing capabilities – Video, documentation, spreadsheets  
*No more one size fits all email sending limits  

The Technical Bit

Speedster IT support London experts recommend that when changing these settings via Office 365 Exchange Admin centre, which requires global administrator role privileges, PowerShell commands should also be implemented to complete the job correctly for more than 1000 users at any one time on a business network.

Using the Exchange Admin Center or Remote PowerShell to deploy simultaneous user updates across a business network

It’s more than likely your business network has less than 1000 mailboxes, in which case Microsoft recommend administrating via the Exchange Admin Centre solely. However, like a lot of Speedster IT customers, on IT Support London contracts, who have over a 1000 mailboxes in an organisation, Remote PowerShell commands were needed to secure and speed up the process.

The Geeky bit

Examples of these commands are as follows :

Update a single mailbox : Set-Mailbox -Identity -MaxSendSize 75MB -MaxReceiveSize 75MB

Update multiple mailboxes : (“alias”, “alias2″, “alias3″) | % {Set-Mailbox –Identity $_ -MaxSendSize 75MB -MaxReceiveSize 75MB}

Update all Mailboxes : Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -MaxSendSize 75MB -MaxReceiveSize 75MB

Expect the process to take up to 10 mins per 1000 recipients.

The Helpful Bit 

Cloud computing is driving today's IT and Entrepreneurial market and Microsoft’s office 365 business tools and ‘cloud in a box solutions’ allow companies to scale there businesses quickly and cost effectively. Microsoft have made it possible for larger file sharing to become a worry of the past with this very much needed and anticipated feature release.

If you would like to find out more how a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 business platforms could benefit & secure your day to day business activities, speak with one of our IT Support London & Office365 Experts.

Nick Robinson & David Cairns can be contacted on: 0203 011 1234 for anyone looking for support & advice.

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