Is your IT ready for Christmas? London Hospitality sector Free IT Audit!

As we all know, Christmas is the most wonderful, AND busiest time of the year within the hospitality sector. The boom in business can mean slower internet speeds, a greater chance of technology crashes, and overall a higher demand on your IT infrastructure. A Free IT Audit can find out where changes need to be made.


At Speedster, a leading IT support provider to the hospitality sector, we have seen these issues time and time again, and don’t want to let them spoil your Christmas cheer.


How well set is your IT to enjoy this period of growth? Here are a few problems we’ve noticed and will cover in your free IT audit, so that your IT infrastructure won’t be the ghost of Christmas past!


Slow Internet speeds at peak times can seriously effect the ability to take payments. Quick data processing can grind to a halt which means taking orders can become a lengthy and often frustrating process. This will slow down the speed of new orders coming in and ultimately cost you money.


Slow internet access can also mean your WIFI speed decelerates as guests, staff and IT services all clamber on for a piece of internet pie. Guests can often sit streaming videos or downloading illegal content that will put the brakes on your internet speed.


The busy period can also put a strain on the booking process within the hospitality sector. When staff are run off their feet, bookings via phone can be missed. Unless there are adequate provisions to hold potential costumers in a short holding queue, you will be unable to offer them the important information and confidence they desire from your company.


Similarly, if mailbox reservations aren’t able to be dealt with fast enough, enquires can be easily missed. It is important to have efficient and organised applications, such as Office 365, to ensure your IT software won’t let you down when it counts!


We know how difficult it can be to outsource a fast and efficient IT support team when problems quickly arise. That’s why we are offering you an early Christmas present!


For the months of December and January, we are providing a comprehensive IT hospitality audit – absolutely free of charge. This will include measures such as vital checks to your internet speed, online security, and approvals away from unnecessary applications to save your company over expenditure.


To find out more about how an IT health check can revolutionise your business in time for the holiday season 

Request a FREE IT Audit

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