Get A £3000 Voucher for a Cheaper Business Internet Connection

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have £200 million to spend on speeding up the delivery of full-fibre internet.

One of the ways they're doing this is with a voucher scheme. Using one of these vouchers, you can get a free installation of Ethernet leased lines with 100Mbps. This is a saving of £3000. The monthly rental for the lines comes to £136.67 per month.

The vouchers are part of the pilot scheme, which runs until 31st March 2019 or until the money runs out.

The Rules for Applying

The vouchers are for business premises only. If your home is your main place of work you can apply for a voucher, but not if you only work from home occasionally.

If you're based in a business park, you can make a joint application with the other companies there for a chance to receive several vouchers between you and them. 

For the full terms and conditions, and to see if you’re eligible for a cheaper business internet connection, simply get in touch with us, and state your interest. At Speedster, we specialise in IT support London and strive to make sure you're always aware of the best deals. 

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