How Speedster WiFi Can Make Your Business Competitive Against Slow Chain Internet

Finding reliable WiFi can be difficult, but this is exactly why Speedster WiFi exists. We focus on having completely reliable WiFi , after all, this is what people expect, make a note of, and one of the main reasons they keep coming back to establishments time and time again. WiFi is increasingly becoming a must-have for public places and consumers are demanding it.

Why Speedster WiFi Is reliable & the Best Choice
Speedster WiFi, time and time again outperforms other WiFi providers when it comes to offering hospitality WiFi solutions. Why because we developed our platform in house, with IT Support hospitality experts.

WiFi Service Providers: What to Look For
Comparing WiFi service providers is a difficult task. Choosing between different options can be a headache, especially with the aggressive advertising campaigns and opinionated customer reviews combating one another. To filter out the marketing hype and contentious criticism, we narrowed our focus to answer three simple questions:

Q: How fast is the connection?
A: Check with each provider, Speedster wifi offers the newest WiFi standards

Q: How easily is the service made available?
A: Check with each provider, we offer FREE install  to Central London customers - all you have to do is say yes, we do the rest!

Q: Can I get help if I need it?
A: Industry specific fast, helpful, knowledgeable IT support is critical. Check and compare with each WiFi provider.
Our help desk is available 24/7, by phone & email

Recent studies indicate that private and independent providers like Speedster often give WiFi speeds that are as much as 70 percent faster.
More and more people are visiting public venues in order to connect to free WiFi, chain providers often have dropped connections or Internet speeds to a snails pace. A little research can save you hours or even weeks of frustration.

Get ahead with Speedster WiFi  - rock solid WiFi connections, for your hospitality business.
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