Windows 10 - Don't miss out free upgrade runs out on July 29th 2016

Windows 10 is one of the best developed and secure Windows launched. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you’ve only until July 29th to get it after that it is no longer free of charge.

There are 4 key features that makes Windows 10 a great user experience and upgrading a ‘must do’. They are:

  1. It’s familiar from the start – It retains the same start menu, task bar and desktop. In addition, it is designed to be compatible with the hardware, software and peripherals that you already own.
  2. Innovative experiences and devices - It features an all new browser Microsoft Edge that helps you not just browse but get things done on the web – like typing directly on web pages. It’s also great for gamers.
  3. More personal and productive – Windows 10 helps you be more organised with easy ways to fix apps in place and optimise your screen space for getting things done. You’ve even got your own PA within it called Cortana that can deliver you reminders throughout your day and across all your devices.
  4. Safer and more secure – Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever developed. It’s been built to be secure from the first time you switch it on and will protect you against viruses, malware and spyware throughout the life of your device.

Speedster carried out extensive testing of this product when it first became available to ensure we could recommend without hesitation. We were delighted to see huge improvements in this product and if you would like us to help you migrate to Windows 10 then either contact us on e-mail via or 0203 011 1234.

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