Boost Sales with Speedster WiFi by Attracting Customers

It may not seem like it at first, but free WiFi is easily one of the main draws in the hospitality industry. People obviously head in to restaurants and other hospitality companies for the main reasons such as food and so on, but one of the determiners for which place they actually visit is definitely the WiFi.

People often get sick of working at home, or maybe their WiFi at home is bad or it isn't currently working. That's why they head out into the world in order to find a more pleasant environment in which to work.

The problem is that if they cant find WiFi thats fast enough, they will get frustrated and move on. Or, if their WiFi is unstable for whatever reason, this could also make customers decide to move elsewhere.

This is where Speedster WiFi comes in... Boost Your Sales with Speedster WiFi

80 per cent of mobile consumers are influenced by the availability of WiFi.

The hospitality industry capitalises nicely with free WiFi by connecting users to  website landing pages instantly as soon as they access the free WiFi system, capturing user data & easily promoting business.

Having a well-thought out WiFi implementation like Speedster WiFi, will provide your business with free instant advertising, free ongoing advertising, attract other customers with the same demographic profile as an existing customer, and even attract a minimum spend.

Speedster Wifi also offers top notch hospitality IT support to keep your WiFi connection running smoothly and at peak capacity. Speedster has a lot of experience working specifically in this field in order to make the experience for customers as positive as possible.

In this age of extreme connectivity through social media and other networks, its often common for news about superior WiFi such as what Speedster provides to spread very quickly, from person to person.

Free WiFi needn’t be a service offered just to keep up with the rest, use it as a tool to help your business grow!

Contact us today to review your business WIFI & IT Support, were offering new hospitality clients a free IT Audit.

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