5 ways Office 365 Can Unlock Your Hospitality Business

Office 365 is an innovative and pioneering tool that could transform your business and represent one of the best returns on investment you have ever made!


Through our IT support work with the hospitality sector, we have encountered numerous IT solutions that instead of providing a platform for growth are far too often slowing productivity and creating stressful conditions for staff. By simply switching to Office 365 the leading business communication tool, businesses have become faster, more dynamic and highly motivated by all the new possibilities at their fingertips. Here are just five ways how Office 365 can revolutionise your business.


1. Easy and Efficient to Use


It is safe to say that Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are often standard on most computers. This means that, not unlike any other sector, hospitality staff are familiar with office applications. This positively affects efficiency within the work place and allows for a smooth transition to Office 365 due to the minimal training required.


2. Improved Experience for both Staff and Guests


Many restaurants and hotels pride themselves on having the most advanced technology and amenities. That’s why advanced staff communication, e-mail reservation procedures and built in data security are a must have as well. Office 365 not only allows for a more efficient workforce but also highlights your business as a sophisticated and innovative establishment through improving your guests experience.


3. Information Always Just a Few Clicks Away


When using Cloud solutions like Office 365, the physical can be almost eliminated. This can mean something as simple as your quarterly review documents being accessible online rather than on a flash drive or CD prone to being lost or corruption. Cloud optimization also enables your company to save vital money, energy and maintenance time. Its remote location means no more overheating computers, expensive maintenance and upgrades as well as collective streamline access to important documents.


4. 24/7 Collaboration Enables Endless Possibilities


Every hospitality business has a different and often fairly unique set of needs. Whatever these may be, it is important your staff are able to stay connected whilst also maintaining essential security and control. Office 365 can help your company achieve both by enabling endless ways to collaborate - from anywhere, at any time! From scheduling an event on a shared calendar, interacting with Skype instant messenger in office hours, editing and sharing the new room service menu in SharePoint, or meeting with different branches in an online meeting, your users will be provided with the best productivity experience possible with Office 365.


5. Reliable Best Up-Time Guarantee


Reliability in the hospitality sector is critical in order to keep customers satisfied. Office 365 offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime, to give your company the peace of mind that their services are always available. This means that users can work from almost anywhere and automatically get updated email, calendar and contracts from any device. Plus, access to 24/7 technical support, accountable security and frequent upgrades from Office 365 automatically deployed, allows for any problems to be resolved fairly quickly.


Office 365 solutions with a FREE Hospitality Audit


We know how busy this time of year can be for the hospitality sector. That’s why, for the months of December and January, we are providing a comprehensive IT hospitality audit – absolutely free of charge. This will include measures such as vital checks to your internet speed, online security, as well as discovering how Office 365 to save your company over expenditure.  Find out more about how an IT health check can revolutionize your business in time for the holiday season.

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