4 Reasons why hosted VoIP is critical for your London Business

Anyone who has a London business, or any business for that matter, is aware that efficient communication is critical to success. If there are any complications when contacting key players, be that customers, suppliers, or shareholders, it may be put your reputation on the line.

Compared to legacy phone systems, VoIP has the power to successfully squash quality and reliability concerns as an exceptional and cost effective communications solution. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. With cloud-based systems, companies can be guaranteed little to no downtime and communicate with clients with dependable ease.

To help you decide whether VoIP is for you, we’ve complied 4 reasons why hosted VoIP is a positive addition to your London Business:

Cheap and Simple to Install and Maintain

In the past, business communication solutions involved buying lot of expensive equipment and then hiring experts to install and maintain the system. With VoIP, this can be a thing of the past. Cloud based technology does away with physical measures and hosted VoIP software makes it easy and inexpensive to add new users or change system configuration.

Call costs are also significantly lower with VoIP services. If you have had your business since after the launch of the millennium, you are aware how much of a drain on finances communication used to be. Calls alone were a big part of monthly bills. This is (thankfully) no longer the case. Using the internet to make your calls means the only think you pay for is your data usage!


The beauty of VoIP is that it is accessible from anywhere at any time. Cloud technology means that any time there is a broadband connection, you can log into your VoIP telephone and get a dial tone. VoIP systems are also available by email or whilst travelling – Even when you’re abroad, simply take your IP phone and contact staff or clients at a relatively low cost.  

Rich Media Compatibility

Aside from simply making calls, hosted VoIP systems are easy to integrate with everyday business applications. You can make outbound calls through outlook or conduct video conferencing through your VoIP phone. This allows you to stay in touch with co-workers and employees on any device, be that tablet, laptop or mobile.

Quality Assured

VoIP providers have provided a way out for business owners who are fed up with BT. Truth be told, the quality of calls that you get with BT leaves a lot to be desired. Calls sometimes don’t get through and at other times calls, will drop unexpectedly. This can have a big impact on your business, particularly if you’re small or a start-up. Comparatively, VoIP allows clear communication with any connection. You can also be sure that you will never have to suffer the frustration of dropped calls again.

 So, what’s next?

If you don’t already have contracts with any VoIP providers, you’re missing out! Here at Speedster IT, one of the best London VoIP providers, we offer high quality service at a competitive price.

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